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Inclusively Designed Products for Growing Minds

Because learning is for ALL of US

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Little Sapiens was officially founded in 2022.  However, my lifelong love of science, writing, creating, and designing have contributed to Little Sapiens being a work in progress since I was a child.  As a little girl, I wrote short stories, sketched images, drew clothing design ideas, and created homemade board games.  Now, as an adult I get to do all those things in a way that can be shared with the world.  For me, science and creating are loves of mine.  I started Little Sapiens to share my loves with children and caregivers around the world, with hopes of reminding them that true science, learning, and fun don't discriminate.  Regardless of age, race, nationality, financial status, and more...Little Sapiens Products are for ALL of US.

Thanks for stopping by the shop.  Stay awhile and enjoy!


Shayna A. Wrighten, PhD

Little Sapiens Founder

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